Group of States against corruption (GRECO)

News Flash - 10 November 2005

Council of Europe’s Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO) publishes report on the Netherlands

The Council of Europe’s anti-corruption monitoring mechanism, the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) has published today its Second Round Evaluation Report on the Netherlands. The report has been made public with the agreement of the Dutch authorities.

GRECO addresses several recommendations to the Netherlands intended to improve its capacity to combat corruption. It is recommended, inter alia, to promote a wider use of seizure and confiscation of the proceeds of corruption; to adopt codes of conduct for civil servants in all public organisations; to allow for the disqualification of individuals who have been convicted for corruption offences from acting in leading positions in legal persons (such as large companies), and to increase criminal sanctions for legal persons involved in corruption. Moreover, the report addresses the system for identifying conflicts of interest and, in this respect, GRECO recommends to issue clear guidelines for use by civil servants.

Measures taken by the Netherlands to implement the recommendations will be assessed by GRECO in the context of a specific compliance procedure, towards the middle of 2007.