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Group of States against corruption (GRECO)

Last update 22/10/2015


Portugal should strengthen corruption prevention in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors

[Strasbourg, 10 February 2016] - In a report published today, GRECO calls on Portugal to strengthen its measures to prevent corruption in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors - in particular integrity, accountability and transparency rules. (more...)

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Council of Europe report acknowledges Romania´s efforts in prosecuting corruption, calls for more effective prevention measures

[Strasbourg, 22 January 2016] - In a report published today, the Council of Europe anti-corruption body (GRECO) stresses that there is in Romania an unprecedented determination in combating corruption-related crimes affecting public institutions. (more ...)

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Greece urged to secure integrity in parliament and in the judiciary, a new anti-corruption report says

[Strasbourg, 22 October 2015] - A report focusing on parliament, judges and prosecutors, by the Council of Europe's Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), calls on Greece to enact rules for MPs on their acceptance of gifts - (more ...)

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San Marino Investiture Ceremony 01.10.2015

Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent of San Marino, 1st October 2015

[Strasbourg, 6 October 2015] - The President of the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), Justice Marin Mrčela, was the Official Speaker during the Investiture Ceremony of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Lorella Stefanelli and Nicola Renzi, on 1 October 2015. (more...)




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