The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

A word from the President

I am now the third president of the CEPEJ and I am honoured to follow the likes of Eberhard Desch and Fausto de Santis as they have both set such high standards.

As a result of their work the CEPEJ has developed a worldwide reputation for evaluating judicial systems and for the development of management tools, best practice and guidelines to improve the quality and efficiency of justice. These documents should help judges, administrators, legal professionals and politicians develop effective and efficient judicial systems for the citizens of Europe to support the principles of democracy and the rule of law.

The Evaluation Report deserves a special mention as it has gone from strength to strength. I can recall the early days, only to clearly, when the first reports were produced and comments were made regarding the quality of the data. But as the reputation of the CEPEJ has grown member states have improved the quality and range of data available and it has become a document that no Ministry of Justice policy official or legal academic can do without. But I believe we can do more. Up to now the work we produce has been disseminated to the member states for them to implement our recommendations when and where possible, but they are often faced with many practical difficulties.

I hope, with the help of my colleagues in the Bureau, Secretariat and the National Experts we can actively help individual member states resolve those difficulties and move forward. This initiative can only accelerate the pace of change and realise the benefits of our work. Our observer organisations also have a role to play in achieving these ambitions as they often have objectives in common with the CEPEJ and I look forward to working with them over the term of my office.

John Stacey, President of the CEPEJ

Interview of John Stacey by the (IUJO) International Union of Judicial Officers (December 2010)


The Bureau

John Stacey

President of the CEPEJ (United Kingdom) since January 2011

Georg Stawa
Member of the Bureau (Austria) since January 2009 and Vice-President of the CEPEJ since January 2011

Audun Berg

Member of the Bureau (Norway) since June 2011


Irakli Adeishvili Member of the Bureau (Georgia) since 1st January 2011


CEPEJ Presidents

Presidents of the CEPEJ since its creation