The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice

Evaluation of European Judicial Systems

Former evaluation cycles (2002/2004 ; 2004/2006; 2006/2008; 2008/2010 and 2010/2012  )

2010-2012 Cycle

4th Report - Edition 2012 (data 2010)

Evaluation report on European judicial systems (completed version)

Appendix: additional tables

Overview of the evaluation report of European judicial systems

Replies by country

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Press review

Evaluation scheme

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Going beyond the report....

Judicial systems of the European Union countries - Analysis of data by the CEPEJ by Jean-Paul Jean, Advocate General at the Court of Cassation and Associate Professor at the University of Poitiers with Hélène Jorry, Expert on European Union law and Associate expert in the CEPEJ (June 2013) - CEPEJ Studies No. 19

Study on statistical data on administration of justice in Italy (May 2013)

Video of Stéphane Leyenberger, Secretary of the CEPEJ (TV CoE)

Interview of Stéphane Leyenberger by Radio Europa Libera

Interview of Jean-Paul Jean, President of the working group on evaluation of justice (CEPEJ): "Why are the evaluation cycles of European judicial systems qualified as tools for public policy to orient reforms of the judicial system ?” (6 December 2012)

Presentation of the evaluation report to the LIBE Committee of the European Commission by Jean-Paul Jean and Muriel Décot (22 January 2013)

2008-2010 Cycle

3rd Report - Edition 2010 (data 2008)

Report (pdf) / Word

Overview of the report

Replies by country to the 2010 questionnaire

Press review

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Podcasts of the presentation and conclusions

Evaluation scheme

Explanatory note

Going beyond the report....

Study of comparable countries

Study of 27 comparable countries of the European Union

Study session (9/12/2010) "Going beyond the CEPEJ's report – some conclusions to be drawn"

Evaluation of Nordic countries

2006-2008 Cycle

2nd Report - Edition 2008 (data 2006)

PDF version / Word version

Summary of the 3rd report
Study of comparable countries [fr]

Evaluation scheme

Explanatory note

Replies to the 2008 questionnaire

2004-2006 Cycle

1st Report - Edition 2006 (data 2004)

PDF version Word version, also available in Czech, Russian and Romanian
Summary of the 2nd report

Replies to the 2006 questionnaire

Pilot exercise (2002-2004)

2002 Report

Replies to the pilot-grid


2012-2014 cycle

5th Report - Edition 2014 (2012 data)

Evaluation scheme

Explanatory note

Key judicial indicators

Former cycles

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Guidelines - CEPEJ Guidelines on Judicial Statistics (GOJUST)





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