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Here you find various data on judicial systems of Council of Europe Member states / entities and observers. Data relies on a methodology which is already a reference for collecting large number of quantitative and qualitative judicial data. Data presented are 2010, 2012 and 2014.

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New dashboards will be added regularly to support further in-depth analysis per topic.

Access to raw data: the CEPEJ is pleased to invite individual researchers or relevant bodies/institutes to work on specific studies. The CEPEJ will also study other proposals based on its report. Please take note of the following protocol to obtain an access to raw data: Protocol for the exploitation of the CEPEJ data in English | Protocole pour l'exploitation des données en français.

Update of CEPEJ-STAT on 27/10/2016

• All dashboards: Data have been updated
• General overview: Comments added when you select a country
• Data explorer: Filter by country added
• Variation dashboard: Filter by country added, line charts replaced by bar charts
• Country-specific data: Comments added below data
• Definitions: Specific page added to the website to explain CEPEJ concepts and definitions

Forthcoming modifications

• Access to qualitative data will be possible through a specific dashboard

• Translation in French is ongoing

New users: An online tutorial, on the right side of this page, may help you to discover how to navigate in the dashboards

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• General overview

• Data explorer (quantitative and qualitative data)

• Data variation (quantitative data)

• Country-specific data

• Budget overview


Tutorial to use the dashboards (EN)
Tutoriel pour utiliser les tableaux de bord (FR)


• CEPEJ Report 2012 (2010 data)
• CEPEJ Report 2014 (2012 data)
• CEPEJ Report 2016 (2014 data)


• NA: Data not provided by the State (Non available).
• NAP: This data is not applicable to the State.
• NQ: This data has been provided by the State but it remains under examination by the CEPEJ Secretariat due to its quality.
• CR: Clearance Rate, ratio between resolved cases and incoming cases (in %).
• DT: Disposition Time, ratio between pending cases and resolved cases (in days). It shows the theoritical duration for a court to solve all the pending cases.
• OTC: Other Than Criminal cases, applicable to the questions about efficiency (number of cases, etc).

version BETA 1.1 - Updated on 27/10/2016

The CEPEJ database is subject to regular updates and modifications: consequently, data published in dashboards may differ from paper reports. States and entities are invited to report all request of modifications to the CEPEJ Secretariat.