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Nº 67 | Summer 2009

Global Education News is an electronic newsletter where national global education coordinators or practitioners can share global education news and best practices, useful thematic links and educational materials. It also serves as a medium for the North-South Centre global education network national coordinators' own use.

    Dear friends,

    In the eve of the summer break we are happy to announce the call for the World Aware Education Awards, a NSC prize rewarding activities promoting global education practise. At the same time the first global education on-line training will be offered from July 20 to August 15: a new NSC tool complementing the recently issued Global Education Guidelines. Two other courses will be offered in September and November. Meanwhile, please get acquainted with the outcomes of the first African University on Youth & Development, the new NSC training momentum, reinforcing the annual Mollina University on Youth and Development which call for application for 2009 edition is now available on-line.

    Meanwhile, explore in this newsletter global education related useful links (§3) and resources (§4) as well as interesting offers (§5) events, conferences (§6) and campaigns (§8).

    Wishing you a captivating and enjoyable reading!

1. News from North-South Centre of the Council of Europe & the Global Education Week network


2. Other news


3. Useful links

    . Networking European Citizenship Education (NECE) : Europe is growing - so are our responsibilities as citizens. Civic education for the future of Europe has to reach new horizons. It has to connect people between Malta and Helsinki, between Warsaw and Lisbon. NECE is the platform for that emerging network.

    . The NECE newsletter contains information about current professional debates in the field of citizenship education, it reports on important initiatives and highlights relevant publications. News about upcoming activities and events of the NECE network will be a regular feature.

    . Dignity International - A Global Family for Solidarity and Human Dignity more …

    . UNESCO portal : Statistics - Guidelines - Toolkits

    . UNESCO – Social & Human sciences

    . UNESCO newsletters & UNESCO Edu info


4. Useful resources

Global Education Guidelines
The North-South Centre is happy to announce that the Global Education Guidelines, a handbook for Educators to understand and implement Global Education, is now available on-line. more...


5. Message in a bottle

    Sharing good practices

    . Dignity International - A Global Family for Solidarity and Human Dignity more …

    . MEDASSET – Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles website & newsletter

    Calls / training

    . 8th annual global linking & learning programme - human rights based development : 1-10 December 2009, organised by Dignity International in collaboration with European Anti Poverty Network - application deadline: Monday 31 August 2009

    Request of partnership

    Job opportunities

    . VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT - Secretary-General for the International Commission of Jurists, an international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the primacy, coherence and implementation of international law and principles that advance human rights. … more

    . The Human Rights and Governance Grants Program (HRGGP) and the Scholarship Programs of the Open Society Institute announce the Human Rights Internship


6. Events

. Sustainable Global Development conference, University of Limerick on 16th and 17th October, 2009 : the conference will include papers, symposia, workshops, and audio-visual presentations on aspects of Sustainable Global Development from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and from Europe … more


7. Special Sustainable Development


8. Campaigns

    . Humanizing Development: Global Photography campaign
    This Global Photography Campaign aims to show examples of people winning the battle against poverty, social exclusion and marginalization. It is intended to raise awareness of the successes in the development process. The campaign will be open for participation from 1 June to 1 October 2009. Photographs need to be sent via the online application

    Council of Europe Speak-out against discrimination campaign

    . ''Speak-out against discrimination'' Website - Interview: Lilian Thuram

    . All Different All Equal Campaign webpage

    . The Council of Europe 60th anniversary website presents the festivities and commemorations in the 47 member states. By means of a map or list of diary dates, Internet users can find out about events that interest them. They also have access to a photo gallery showing the 60th anniversary logo and the commemorative stamps issued by partner national post offices. A video library presents several commemorative films.

    Other Council of Europe Campaigns
    . Building a Europe for and with children - A Council of Europe programme for the  promotion  of children's rights and the protection of children from violence.
    . ''Raise your hand against smacking!'' - Launch of 2008 Awareness-raising Action
    . Dosta! Go beyond prejudice, discover the Roma!
    . Stop Domestic Violence
    . Human being - not for sale