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Mutual Information System on Social Protection of the Council of Europe (MISSCEO)


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 Mutual Information System on Social Protection/Social Security of the European Union


The EU's Mutual Information System on Social Protection (MISSOC) provides detailed, comparable and regularly updated information about national social protection systems in English, French and German.


MISSOC publishes the Comparative tables on social protection covering:

  • 31 countries: the 27 EU Member States plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland;

  • 12 main areas of social protection: financing, healthcare, sickness, maternity, invalidity, old-age, survivors, employment injuries and occupational diseases, family, unemployment, guaranteed minimum resources and long-term care;

  • more than 300 detailed categories.





The ISSA Databases on  Social Security Worldwide:

 cover 6 different databases on social protection.


These 6 databases are:

  • Scheme description;

  • Complementary and private pensions;

  • Reforms;

  • Legislation;

  • Bibliography;

  • Thesauru