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(List of celebrities who have spoken out against corporal punishment)

In most of Europe today, society tolerates and even approves some recurrent forms of violence against children, in particular those inflicted in the family setting.  No religion, belief, economic situation or "educational" method can ever justify hitting, smacking, spanking, mutilating, abusing, humiliating, or any other practice that violates a child's dignity. It is internationally recognised in human rights law that children have a right to protection from all forms of violence, including corporal punishment in all settings (home, school, penal systems, alternative care).
One third of Council of Europe member states have made corporal punishment illegal and a number of others are committed to legal reform.  But despite these positive developments, corporal punishment remains lawful in most countries and is still perceived as an acceptable form of  "discipline", in particular in the home. Lawfulness of corporal punishment is also contrary to the right of children to equal protection under the law.
Abolishing corporal punishment of children calls for action at different levels. It requires comprehensive changes in legislation and new policy measures to ensure proper implementation and guidance for those working with children and families. It also requires comprehensive awareness raising to inform the public about children's human rights and to change attitudes and behaviours.
On 15 June in Zagreb, Croatia, the Council of Europe launched its
Europe-wide initiative against corporal punishment of children.  
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List of celebrities who support the ban on corporal punishment of children

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