Building a Europe for and with children

The Council of Europe and the Republic of Moldova join forces on the Lanzarote Convention

Chisinau, 13.05.2014 – Thanks to the support of the government of Liechtenstein,  the Council of Europe (CoE) Children's Rights Division organised, on 12-14 May 2014,  focus groups' meetings and visits of Children's Centers in the Republic of Moldova to identify how the Council of Europe could best support the authorities with the implementation of the Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, as requested by Mr Dorin Recean, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova. Ms. Stéphanie Burel, CoE Project Manager, and CoE experts: Ms Gordana Buljan-Flanders, Croatia, Ms Olivia Lind, Sweden and Mr Bragi Gudbransson, Iceland,  met with representatives from all ministries, country offices of other international organisations, NGOs, specialised bodies, the academia and professionals from different sectors, to envisage a future project in the country.

This possible future cooperation project would seek to support the government with the establishment or improvement of legislative and political measures to ensure effective support of child victims of sexual violence, with respect, specifically, to infrastructures such as Children's Houses for child victims  and training for professionals working with and for children in such context.

The CoE team also had the opportunity to meet with Ms Liliana Palihovici, Vice-President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, who stressed her engagement to instigate legal reforms in line with the Convention and this in particular to avoid secondary victimisation by ensuring that children are interviewed just once, in camera, by a trained interviewer. This fact-finding mission was an excellent learning experience for all parties which cooperated efficiently and successfully. A draft proposal for a project concerning structures for child victims of sexual violence and training for professional will be finalised shortly following this first inception phase and will be implemented when appropriate and once funds have been obtained for its implementation.

Link to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova

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