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Iceland moving closer to the ratification of the Lanzarote Convention

20.01.2012 - A Conference on “Sexual Abuse – the legal process”, co-organised by the Ministry of the Interior of Iceland, the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland, the Armann Snaevarr Research Institute on Family Affairs and the Council of Europe is being held today in Reykjavik, Iceland. Bringing together national and international participants, the day is devoted to a wider discussion on the Council of Europe and its work to tackle child sexual abuse and violence against women. The specific situation in Iceland will be examined with a focus on child protection services and the justice system, investigating a rape charge - when to prosecute and to go in-depth on credibility and the burden of proof in sexual violence cases . Participants will carefully examine the Lanzarote Convention and the Council of Europe Guidelines on child-friendly justice with a view to examine how the authorities can rapidly proceed with the ratification process of the convention and to encourage the judicial professionals to align their working procedures to the Council of Europe Guidelines.


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