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Lanzarote Committee: 8th meeting decisions online!


The 8th meeting of the Lanzarote Committee (8-10 April 2014) was mainly devoted to the review of replies provided by States and other stakeholders to selected questions of the “General Overview questionnaire on the implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse”. Compilations of the replies reviewed are available here:

Question 1: Definition of “child”

Question 3: Overview of the implementation

Question 5 : Specialised bodies/mechanisms

Question 6: National or local coordination, cooperation and partnerships

The list of decisions is available here.


At the end of its meeting, the Lanzarote Committee proceeded to the election of a new Chairperson and Bureau, the results of which are as follows: Mr Bragi GUĐBRANDSSON, Iceland, Chairperson, Mr Claude JANIZZI, Luxembourg, Vice-Chairperson, Mrs Ina VERZIVOLLI, Albania, and Mr George NIKOLAIDIS, Greece, members of the Bureau. The Committee also warmly thanked the outgoing Chairperson Mr Eric RUELLE, France, for the work accomplished since its inception.

Mr Bragi GUĐBRANDSSON (Iceland) and Mr Eric RUELLE (France)


For more information on the monitoring of the Lanzarote Convention, click here

The next meeting of the Lanzarote Committee will be held in Strasbourg on 9-11 September 2014.