Building a Europe for and with children


As a side-event at the Dubrovnik conference “Growing with children’s rights”, a “Living Library” was open to participants to borrow living books. 

The Living Library works exactly like a normal library – but the Books in the Living Library are human beings which interact with the readers. The Books are people from groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes, and who are often victims of discrimination or social exclusion. In this library, Books can speak: they are able to reply to readers’ questions who can then also be questioned by Books.

In keeping with the conference topics, the primary goal of the Living Library held in Dubrovnik was to enable conference participants to hear about the “real” stories of lives of children and their rights, and the different ways that real people work towards promoting and protecting children’s rights.

Click here for a list of the titles of Books that were borrowed.

A short video overview summing up the Living Library side-event, also containing the comments that readers left can be viewed here.

Coverage on the local newspaper “Dubrovacki Vjesnik”