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01.12.2016 - On 18 November 2016, the Administrative Tribunal registered appeal No. 570/2016 – Susan CROSS v. Secretary General. The appellant challenges the Secretary General’s decision not to maintain the payment of the allowance in respect of dependent children and the education allowance during the period of unpaid leave. This information is given to enable those who so wish to exercise their right to intervene under Article 10 of the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal.


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27.10.2016 - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Administrative Tribunal’s day open door: 15 November 2016

As part of its new strategy, the IDB Administrative Tribunal has taken important steps in generating and promoting dissemination of knowledge of the services offered.

In order to inform and educate staff about current Tribunal’s procedures and answer possible recurring questions, the Secretariat organised a day where staff, members of IDBG conflict resolution and Ethics offices, other independent mechanisms, sister Administrative Tribunals, and other interested colleagues could visit the seat of the Tribunal at the IDB HQ and get familiar with the its work.
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22.09.2016 - 4th International Administrative Law Centre of Excellence Annual Conference (Bretton Woods)

The 4th International Administrative Law Centre of Excellence annual conference was held on 31 October-01 November 2016 at King’s College London and brought together international civil servants, union representatives, lawyers, judges, academics and others interested in International Administrative Law, from around the world with a view to shaping and improving this area of the law.

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29.06.2016 - IDB appoints new Executive Secretary of its Administrative Tribunal

Ms. Giuliana Canč, an Italian national, was appointed Executive Secretary of the Administrative Tribunal of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for a period of three years. (Read more)
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17.05.2016 - Participation of the Administrative Tribunal at the 12th IASAJ Congress (Istanbul, 2-6 May 2016)

On 2-6 May 2016, the International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions (IASAJ-AIHJA) held its 12th Congress in Istanbul. Hosted by the Council of State of Turkey, the Congress had as its main theme: "Alternative Dispute resolution in Administrative Matters".

About one hundred representatives of supreme administrative courts of the five continents and jurisdictions of international organizations participated in the Congress; they worked in plenary session as well as in three committees. The Congress was chaired by Ms. Zerrin Güngör, President of the Turkish Council of State, in her capacity as President of AIHJA, and it was organized by Mr. Omer Faruk Ateş, Deputy Secretary General of the Turkish Council of State and judge of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe. This Tribunal participated in the work of the Commission 3 dedicated to public service.
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Delegates and representatives participationg to the Congress From left to right: Sergio Sansotta (Registrar) and Ömer Faruk Ateş (Judge)
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The Administrative Tribunal of the Council f of Europe (ATCE), previously named the Council of Europe Appeals Board until 5 April 1994, is an international administrative court competent to hear complaints of the serving and former staff members of the Council of Europe against their employer. The Tribunal was established in 1965 and is based in Strasbourg, in France, where are located the Council of Europe’s headquarters.

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