Greece: Consultations with authorities on the execution of ECHR judgments

headline 25 May 2022 Strasbourg

On 24 and 25 May, the Execution Department held on-line consultations with the Greek authorities on certain ECHR judgments whose execution has been pending before the Committee of Ministers for more than ten years. The discussions focused on cases concerning the structural problem of poor...

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Meeting with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice focusing on the execution of ECHR judgments

headline 25 May 2022 Strasbourg

On 12 May, the Execution Department organised a meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Justice of Bulgaria. The discussions focused, in particular, on the authorities’ work aimed at the implementation of judgments related to the systemic problem of ineffective criminal investigations,...

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Execution by Italy of ECHR judgments concerning respect for family life

19 May 2022 Naples

On 19 and 20 May, the Department for the Execution of Judgments participated in a seminar, organised in Naples by the Italian School of the Judiciary (Scuola Superiore della Magistratura), focusing on the effective implementation of the ECHR judgments against Italy in the field of child adoption...

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Updated Thematic Factsheet on Freedom of Religion

23 mai 2022 Strasbourg

The Execution Department has published an updated thematic factsheet on the execution of ECHR judgments concerning freedom of religion The European Court has underlined that freedom of religion is one of the foundations of a democratic society within the meaning of the Convention. Pluralism,...

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Execution by the United Kingdom of ECHR judgments

12 May 2022 Strasbourg

On 12 May, the Department for the Execution of Judgments met with representatives of the United Kingdom Ministry of Justice and the Scottish Government team in Strasbourg. The discussions focused on the practice and procedures of the Committee of Ministers related to the supervision of European...

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Information on pending cases concerning the Russian Federation

10 mai 2022 Strasbourg

The Execution Department wishes to inform applicants and other interested parties subject to submitting Rule 9 communications in cases concerning the Russian Federation, that they may continue to provide information to the Committee of Ministers on the progress of the execution of the judgments,...

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New dates set for the 1436th CM DH meeting (June 2022)

6 May 2022 Strasbourg

On 4 May the Committee of Ministers decided to hold the 1436th (Human Rights) meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies from 8 to 10 June 2022 instead of 7 to 9 June 2022 as originally planned. 1433rd CM meeting, 4 May 2022 - Decisions 1436th CM-DH meeting files HUDOC-EXEC Committee of Ministers

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Mission to Mostar and Sarajevo on enforcement of domestic judgments and enhancement of authorities’ capacity to execute ECHR judgments

28-29 April 2022 Sarajevo

During a mission on 28-29 April, representatives of the Execution Department held a meeting with authorities in Mostar on the implementation of the action plan adopted by the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton to implement the Kunić and Others group of ECHR judgments. The action plan provides for the...

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Mission to Brussels on the execution of judgments of the ECHR

20 April 2022 Brussels

On 20 April, a meeting was held in Brussels between the Department for the execution of judgments of the ECHR and the Office of the Agent of the Belgian Government. The procedure for the execution of judgments was explained at length to the new members of the Office and an overview was given of...

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Lithuania: Parliament adopts constitutional amendment to implement ECHR judgment

21 April 2022 Vilnius

On 21 April, the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) adopted in the second vote the constitutional amendment aimed at implementing the ECHR judgment in the case concerning the former president Rolandas Paksas. The Court has found a violation of the applicant’s right to free elections due to the...

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