Progress despite COVID in 2020, but further efforts are needed

Implementing ECHR judgments: Annual Report 2020

headline 31 March 2020 Strasbourg

States across Europe are continuing to make progress on implementing judgments from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the latest annual report from the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers. However, further efforts are needed to tackle...

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Romania: strengthening protection from hate crime targeting LGBTI persons

24 March 2021

On 23 March, at the invitation of the Agent of the Government of Romania before the ECtHR, the Execution Department held online consultations with representatives of Romanian authorities on the latest developments and next steps planned to enhance the criminal justice system’s response to hate...

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The Committee of Ministers adopts new decisions on the implementation of the European Court's judgments

12 March 2021

The latest decisions adopted on the implementation of judgments from the European Court of Human Rights have been published by the Committee of Ministers. During its 1398th Human Rights meeting, the Committee adopted 40 decisions concerning 21 member States. Two interim resolutions were adopted...

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Execution by Bosnia and Herzegovina of the Sejdić and Finci group of ECHR judgments

19 February 2021

The Director of Human Rights and the Execution Department carried out this week four-day long online consultations with national authorities and representatives of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the long-pending execution of the Sejdić and Finci group of ECHR judgments...

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Children’s rights - New thematic factsheet

10 February 2021

The Execution Department issued today a new thematic factsheet focusing on the execution of ECHR judgments concerning the rights of the child. The European Court has underlined the children’s need for special protection due to their vulnerability. Thus, every child has the right to measures of...

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Execution by France of ECHR judgments

9 February 2021

The execution department organised today a teleconference with the French authorities (Government Agent’s Office and the Permanent Representation of France to the Council of Europe) in order to discuss issues concerning the execution of certain ECHR judgments. The discussions focused on the M.A....

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Greece: teleconference on the execution of ECHR judgments

5 February 2021

On 3 February, the Department organised a teleconference with the Greek Government Agent’s Office which provided the occasion to take stock of the progress attained in the execution of ECHR judgments concerning Greece during 2020 (as of January 2021 the pending cases had dropped to 120), and to...

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Thematic factsheets available in several languages

4 February 2020

Since May 2020, the Execution Department has published five thematic factsheets providing notably overviews of selected legislative and case-law developments in member States, following judgments and decisions of the European Court. Two of these thematic factsheets have been translated into...

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Serbia: execution of ECHR judgment concerning “missing babies”

29 January 2021

On 29 January, the Department participated in an inter-institutional meeting on the implementation of the ECHR judgment concerning “missing babies” in Serbia (Zorica Jovanović). The event provided a platform for constructive exchange notably on the outstanding issue concerning the setting up of a...

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Belgium: videoconference on the execution of ECHR judgments

29 January 2021

On 29 January, the Execution Department organised a first videoconference with the Belgian authorities, including the Office of the Government Agent to the ECHR and representatives of the Ministry of Justice. Discussions focused on execution measures still awaited in the context of cases soon to...

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