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Objective: to integrate a democratic school culture into the Turkish national education system


Expected Results/outcomes:

  • Policy recommendations for the integration of competences for democratic culture are put forward and a strategic action plan will be developed building on these policy recommendations.
  • Education materials based on human rights, democracy and universal core values are developed targeting basic education institutions.
  • School teachers and education practitioners working in basic education institutions are equipped with competences for democratic culture.
  • Basic education institutions, school communities and the general public have an increased awareness and a better understanding of democratic school culture.



  • Working groups/expert meetings: representatives of the Ministry of Education and consultants will meet to work on a needs analysis, a review of curricula and on the development of training programmes and materials.
  • Strategic Planning meetings: decision makers from the Ministry of Education will meet to develop a roadmap for the policy recommendations.
  • Focus Groups meetings: members of the Ministry of Education will meet stakeholders and target groups of the project to discuss key issues.
  • Domestic study visits: students from pilot cities will have the opportunity to visit Ankara to share experiences and good practices and to establish partnerships and networks with each other.
  • Training of trainers: a pool of trainers for specific target groups will be created to support the sustainability of the results of the project.
  • Regional Workshops and Conferences: events to raise awareness and share lessons learned and results of the project will be organised.


For more information:

Joint Project “Strengthening Democratic Culture in Basic Education” – Council of Europe Office in Ankara

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