This uses the weather as a metaphor for feelings.

Time: 30 minutes


• Paper and pencils optional


1. Explain briefly that they are going to be using the weather as a metaphor for their feelings.
2. Give participants 5 -10 minutes to think about the day / training / project / work you are
involved in and to ask themselves: Am I enjoying it so far? What am I getting out of it? Is it
going to be useful?
3. Then ask them one at a time to describe how they feel in terms of a weather report.

Tips for facilitators

Give a couple of examples when you explain the idea of the metaphor. For instance, "My day
started with a bit of mist. Then there were heavy showers in the late morning. There were a
few light showers after lunch, but towards the end of the afternoon the sun came out." This
means, you started off a little hesitant, or not too sure, and then things got really difficult. After
lunch things got better and now at the end you feel you have learnt a lot.


Participants could draw their weather report instead of speaking it.
You can use this basic idea to review your project as though you were doing a commentary on a football or ice hockey match, or any other event that will appeal to the participants.


Manual for Human Rights Education
with Young People