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Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Apart from the Conventions, Council of Europe structures (in this case, the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly) can also issue recommendations. These are not legally-binding documents but they nevertheless represent important standard setting documents. In addition to this, recommendations or codes of good practice in various fields can be also adopted by some other structures (i.e. Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee etc.)

Recommendations by the Committee of Ministers 

Education for global interdependence and solidarity (May 2011)
Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (May 2010)
Education and social inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders (October 2009)
On the education of Roma and Travellers in Europe (June 2009)
Gender mainstreaming in education (October 2007)

Recommendations by the Parliamentary Assembly 

Education against violence at school (2011)
The contribution of the Council of Europe in the development of the European Higher Education Area (2009)
Cultural education: the promotion of cultural knowledge, creativity and intercultural understanding through education (2009)
History teaching in conflict and post-conflict areas (2008)
For the promotion of a culture of democracy and human rights through teacher education (2008)
Realising the full potential of e-learning for education and training (2008)
Promoting the teaching of European literature (2008)
The dangers of creationism in education (2007)
Professional education and training of journalists (2007)
Student disaffection for scientific studies (2006)

Education for Europe (2004)