Higher Education and Research

Table of contents

Sjur Bergan, Series editor

A word from the editors
Jürgen Kohler, Josef Huber

Setting the scene

Higher education governance – Background, significance and purpose
Jürgen Kohler

(In the) Context of change

Reconsidering higher education governance
Pavel Zgaga

The objectives of and expectations towards higher education in the changed societal context – An overview
Virgílio Meira Soares

European university governance in urgent need of change
Luc Weber


Higher Education governance in Europe; autonomy, ownership and accountability – A review of the literature
Jochen Fried

The governance of higher education institutions
Dijana Tiplić

The actors in higher education governance
Robin Farquhar

What does it really mean? – The language of governance
Josef Huber

Case studies

Educational reforms in Georgia – A case study
Aleksander Lomaia

The governance of higher education systems – Lessons from Estonia
Jaak Aaviksoo

Universities in Serbia
Radmila Nedučin-Marinković

The actors in higher education governance – The case of Uludağ University
Erdal Emel

Conclusions and outlook

General report
Martina Vukasović

Considerations and recommendations

List of contributors