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Standards for Recognition: the Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary texts

Sjur Bergan and Andrejs Rauhvargers (eds)

In recognition of the need to replace a series of out-dated and limited conventions on the recognition of qualifications from the 1950s and 1960s, a new convention was adopted at a diplomatic conference in Lisbon in April 1997. Jointly negotiated by the Council of Europe and UNESCO, the Lisbon Recognition Convention came into force in February 1999 and now, with 41 ratifications, represents a successful addressing of an acute need within higher education. The Council of Europe/UNESCO Recognition Convention is now a key force within the Bologna Process aiming to establish a European Higher Education Area by 2010.

In light of the complexity of the issues with which this Convention deals, and the needs of the multiple actors involved in establishing national frameworks for recognition, this volume brings together all of the legal standards for the recognition of qualifications. By including the Convention and its subsidiary texts along with an introductory article that makes these legal texts more accessible, this volume of the Council of Europe’s Higher Education Series will prove invaluable for credential evaluators and others who make recognition decisions, and for policy makers and others interested in recognition issues.

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