Higher Education and Research

Council of Europe

First Regional Training Course  

for the South Eastern European ENIC/NARIC Network

Sarajevo, 15/16 and 25/26 August 2005

In August 2005 the Council of Europe offers the first regional training course for the South Eastern European ENIC/NARIC Network (national information centres on academic recognition and mobility) in Sarajevo, sponsored jointly by the CoE and the European Commission.

The course design follows the training priorities identified at the first regional ENIC/NARIC Conference in Mostar on 31 May 2005 which was hosted by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • o to improve the functioning of National information centres in South East Europe;
  • o to improve their integration into the ENIC Network (European Network of National Information Centres on academic mobility and recognition);
  • o to improve networking between information centres in the region;
  • o to integrate the newly established BiH ENIC;
  • o to introduce BiH universities with the ENIC concept and mission.

Course Contents

15/16 August 2005

  • o the ENICs’ mission, purpose and legal background
  • o the ENICs’ tasks, services, resources and tools for information and recognition

25/26 August 2005

  • o networking with partners and stakeholders
  • o customer oriented public relations
  • o practical training on recognition cases

Agenda - draft


Representatives from

  • o the ENICs of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro (2) and Macedonia
  • o the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • o the universities of Banja Luka, Bihać, Mostar (2), Sarajevo (2), Tuzla and Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Ms Polona Miklavc Valenčič, Head of Slovenian ENIC
Mr Gunnar Vaht, Director of Estonian ENIC

Further Information

Ms Karen Roberts, Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo (Karen.ROBERTS@coe.int)
Mr Nedim Vrabac, Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo (Nedim.VRABAC@coe.int)