Higher Education and Research

Governance of higher education
Ohrid, 12-14 January

The Council of Europe’s continues to support higher education reform in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, and following a first advisory mission in November 2005, the recent meeting with the main stakeholders involved in higher education reform, which took place in Ohrid, focused on in-depth discussions of the draft amendment of the law on higher education to be presented to the parliament in April 2006.

The Council of Europe experts, Per Nyborg (Norway) and Pavel Zgaga (Slovenia),
and Secretariat had the opportunity for intensive work with the “Commission for the Changing and Amending the Law on Higher Education” and to discuss the main issues with the rectors of all the universities, the Minister of Education, Mr Aziz Pollozhani and the Deputy Minister, Mr Tale Geramitcioski.

It was very clear that all actors present were committed to the aims of the reform and the necessity of creating a functioning Higher Education Area within the country as pre-requisite to fully participating in the European Higher Education Area.

The draft amendment will be finalised by the commission on the basis of these discussions. After a public debate it is planned to be submitted to the parliament in April 2006.