Higher Education and Research


Terms of reference

Adopted by the launching meeting of the Network, Cetinje, July 8 – 9, 2008

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of the South East European Regional Network for Qualifications Frameworks (hereafter: the Network) shall be to exchange experience and promote good practice among the participating countries in the development and implementation of their national qualifications frameworks compatible with the overarching framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (hereafter QF-EHEA). Participating countries shall offer mutual assistance and support in the development and implementation of their national frameworks and shall consider issues of regional concern. The Network shall assist in keeping its members informed of relevant developments within European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Article 2 Relationship to the European Higher Education Area

The Network shall operate in accordance with relevant decisions and policies of the EHEA. It shall keep the relevant bodies of the EHEA informed of its activities. It may seek cooperation with relevant bodies, organizations and other partners within or outside of the EHEA.

Article 3 Membership

The Network shall be open to participation by the competent authorities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and Turkey. The competent authorities of each country shall appoint its representative(s) to the Network.

Article 4 Organization

The Network shall operate through electronic exchange as well as meetings and conferences.

The Network shall elect a Coordinator, who shall represent one of the competent authorities participating in the network. The Coordinator shall be elected by a majority of the competent authorities that participate in the Network and shall coordinate the activities of the Network. The term of office of the Coordinator shall run from the end of one annual meeting of the Network until the end of the following annual meeting.

If the Coordinator leaves his/her position or is otherwise unable to continue his/her activities on its behalf, the Network shall appoint a new Coordinator to complete his/her term.

The Network may appoint dedicated teams to address specific issues. The dedicated teams shall submit their proposals to the Network.

Article 5 Meetings

The Network shall seek to organize an annual meeting and may otherwise meet as required. Meetings shall be called by the Coordinator at his/her own initiative or at the request of 1/3 of the members of the Network. Ordinary meetings of the Networks shall normally be called with at least four weeks’ notice.

The Coordinator shall submit a draft agenda for each meeting.

Article 6 Finances

Each competent authority represented in the network shall be responsible for covering the costs of its participation. The cost of Network activities shall be agreed among the members.

The Network as well as its members may seek financial support for network activities from appropriate sources.

Article 7 Amendments to the terms of reference

The terms of reference may be amended by the decision of 2/3 of the Network members participating in a duly called meeting of the network. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted to the Coordinators and disseminated by the Coordinator to embers of the network at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

Article 8 Dissolution

The Network may be dissolved by decision of a majority its participating members. Any such decision shall make provision for the disposal of any funds, archives, documents or other property or material held by the network. The Coordinator serving at the time of the dissolution shall inform the appropriate body of the EHEA of the Network’s decision.