Higher Education and Research

Documentation – South East Europe Regional Conference on Qualifications Frameworks of the European Higher Education Area

PowerPoint presentations by experts

The concept of qualifications by Sjur Bergan

Reforming higher education in Europe: the role of Qualifications Frameworks by Mogens Berg

Learning outcomes in national qualifications frameworks by Stephen Adam

Elaborating a national qualifications framework: the experience of Scotland by Gerard Madill

PowerPoint presentations on national qualifications frameworks by countries’ representatives

AlbaniaMr Genc Pollo, Minister of Education and Science

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mr Vojislav Suka, Head of the Department for Higher Education, Ministry of Civil Affairs

BulgariaMag. Svetomira Apostolova-Kaloyanova, State expert of Policy of Higher Education Directorate

Croatia – Mr Slobodan Uzelac, State Secretary, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

Montenegro – Ms Nada Kovac, Adviser for academic mobility and ENIC officer

Romania – Mr Miron Dumitru, State Secretary for Higher Education, Ministry for Education, Research and Youth

Serbia – Professor Vera Dondur, Belgrade University

‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ – Ms Nadezda Uzelac, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Education and Science

Turkey – Mr Sner Oktik, Chair of the Commission for HE Qualifications Framework