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On 17-18 November 2010, the Council of Europe in co-operation with Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov organised a seminar “Promoting quality culture in higher education institutions on both sides of the river Dniestr/Nistru. This seminar focused on internal quality development and assurance in higher education institutions, exploring the role of university leadership, academic staff and students in promoting and advancing quality culture.
The event, which gathered academic representatives from higher education institutions from both sides of the river Dniestr, provided a very productive platform for discussion and exchange of experiences and good practices.

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Summary of discussions by Karina Ufert (powerpoint presentation)
Powerpoints and text presentations
‘The role of university leadership in promoting quality culture in higher education institutions’ by Virgilio Meira Soares (powerpoint presentation)
‘How can academic staff contribute to internal quality development?’ by Per Nyborg (powerpoint presentation)
‘Towards true students’ participation in Quality Assurance (institutional level)’ by Karina Ufert (powerpoint presentation)
List of participants
Reference documents
European University Association: Study on quality assurance processes in higher education institutions (15/11/2010)
Student centered learning’ handbook by European Students’ Union and Education International
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European University Association: Institutional Evaluation programme
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Interview (ATV Odessa)