Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters

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Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters

What is the Autobiography?
The Autobiography is a resource designed to encourage people to think about and learn from intercultural encounters they have had either face to face or through visual media such as television, magazines, films, the Internet, etc. There are therefore two separate but parallel tools:

  • Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE)
    also available in French, Italian, Polish and Russian
  • Images of Others: An Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters through Visual Media (AIEVM)
    also available in French
The focus is on intercultural encounters that have made a strong impression or had a long-lasting effect on the people who use the AIE or AIEVM. In discovering what underlies these encounters, users become more aware of their experience and reflect on their reactions, thereby developing their intercultural competences.

Online self-study course for educators
A self-study online course is available for educators and youth workers who would like guidance in working with the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters. The course contains activities based on the key concepts and theory underpinning the AIE to help teachers, teacher trainers and youth workers explore the potential of this pedagogical tool for learning through reflection on personal intercultural experiences (English only).

What is an intercultural encounter? More
An intercultural encounter can be an experience between people from different countries or it can be an experience between individuals from other cultural backgrounds in the same country, for example, from other regional, linguistic, ethnic or religious backgrounds.

How are intercultural encounters explored in the Autobiography? More
Users of the AIE and the AIEVM develop understanding and competences for the future by reflecting critically on their experiences. They select and describe specific intercultural encounters, analyse their experience individually, and identify different aspects of their current intercultural competences as a stimulus to developing their competences further.

Who is the Autobiography for? More
The Autobiography is for everyone: it can be used across the curriculum in schools or any other educational context contributing to lifelong learning. It can also be used outside formal educational contexts as a self-evaluation and development tool.

Both the AIE and the AIEVM come in two versions:
  •  a Standard Version - for use by older learners and adults
  •  a Version for Younger Learners - for use by children who need help from an adult in reading and writing and in thinking back over their encounter.

The AIE and the AIEVM are accompanied by a range of supporting materials. All of these components may be downloaded, saved to your computer and used freely. Click on the relevant icon to access the resource.

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