5 December 2016
High-level Seminar on International Case-Law and Bioethics: Insight and Foresight
High level seminar organised by the Committee on Bioethics (DH-BIO) under the auspices of the Cypriot Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers


12-13 December 2016
South Programme II, Steering Committee Session in Cyprus


24 January 2017
The President of Cyprus meets the President of the Congress: “The expertise of the Congress is very useful for us” 


29-31 January 2017
“Countering Violent Extremism and Youth Radicalisation: Using the European Youth Card to Promote Peaceful Communities”
Organised by the Council of Europe Partial Agreement on Youth Mobility Through the Youth Card and the European Youth Card Association (EYCA), in the framework of the Cyprus Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe


1 February 2017
“Policing Hate Crime against LGBTI persons: Training for a Professional Police Response” – Roundtable of Government Representatives  in Nicosia


8 February 2017
International conference on inter-municipal cooperation and good governance: Cyprus and European experience


10 February 2017
Congress Bureau meeting in Nicosia 


24 February 2017
Two Council of Europe expert committees met in Cyprus on immigration detention


28 February 2017
Promoting and strengthening the international legal framework for the protection of cultural heritage - Speech by Deputy Secretary General


29 March 2017
"Combating Counterfeit and Other Illegal Medicines" Symposium
Co-organised by the network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) with the State General Laboratory of Cyprus under the Chairmanship by Cyprus of the Council of Europe.


30-31 March 2017
Culture and Cultural Heritage: newsroom- Assembly of Compendium Stakeholders and Experts


3-4 April 2017 
Fifth Intercultural Workshop on Democracy Organised by the Venice Commission 


6-7 April 2017
Launch of Strategy 21, European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century


27-28 April 2017
Spring conference of European Data Protection Authorities: annual occasion to enhance cooperation


28 April 2017
Freedom of Expression Online: Evolving European jurisprudence and standard setting activities in the digital age


30 April-7 May 2017 
Youth Peace Camp 2017


9-10 May 2017
11th EPAS Governing Board Meeting


11 May 2017
10th EPAS Anniversary Conference - “Working together to build and consolidate democracy, tolerance and inclusion”