Electoral training procedures aim at ensuring effective procedural guarantees for democratic elections.

With respect to training, the Venice Commission ‘Code of good practice in electoral matters" says that: "Members of electoral commissions must receive standard training". The explanatory report says that: "Appropriate staff with specialised skills are required to organise elections while members of electoral commissions have to receive standardised training at all levels of the election administration. Such training should also be made available to the members of commissions appointed by political parties".

The European Electoral Heritage includes in particular the concepts of specialised skills and standardised training at all levels of the election administration. Related concepts, stemming from this Heritage, are the professionalism and political independence of election administration bodies as well as the simplicity of procedures.

Council of Europe develops tailor made assistance to electoral administrations in the field of training such as:

  • Drafting of training curricula for the electoral stakeholders (including members of electoral administration, media, political parties, civil society, judges)
  • Drafting of training methodologies for the members of District Election Commissions and Bureau Election Commissions
  • Provision of training of trainers
  • Establishment of certification programmes
  • Development of outreach campaigns for citizens