Mediators' Association Ethics Commission Workshop Focuses on Enhancing Ethical Standards and Disciplinary Measures

23 October 2023

On 23rd of October the Council of Europe organised a workshop for the Ethics Commission of the Mediators Association of Georgia. The purpose of the workshop was to promote and enhance ethical standards and practices within the field of mediation, ultimately contributing to handling cases more...

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International Conference on Restorative Justice – towards a Community Need Centred Justice System

12-13 October 2023

On 12th and 13th October 2023, an international conference on the role of restorative justice in criminal matters took place in Tbilisi. The conference was organised by the Council of Europe, UNICEF and the European Union together with the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the General...

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Sharing the Dutch Experience on Mediation in Civil Cases

26 September 2023

From September 25th to 26th, the Council of Europe organised a study visit for a delegation of Georgian mediators and judges to the Netherlands. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize the Georgian authorities with the Dutch system of court-annexed and private mediation and enhance their...

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Sharing Finland's Experience on Restorative Justice

From September 14th to 15th, the Council of Europe organised a study visit for a delegation from Georgia to explore the Finnish approach to restorative justice. The primary objective of this visit was to acquaint Georgian authorities with Finland's restorative justice system and increase their...

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Presentation of Needs Assessment Report on Mediation

12 July 2023

On 12 July, the Council of Europe organised a meeting to present the needs assessment report on court-annexed and private mediation in civil cases in Georgia. The report emphasises several key recommendations, highlighting the need for a cohesive strategy and action plan with clearly defined...

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Training for Civil and Criminal Mediators to Improve Negotiation Skills

30 June 2023

35 mediators enhanced their ability to negotiate effectively between the parties through a training activity organised on 30 June. The aim of the training was to help mediators prepare for mediation and facilitate mutually satisfactory agreements between parties involved in disputes, ultimately...

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Behavioral Science for Successful Dispute Resolution

29 June 2023

Mediators of the National Agency for Crime Prevention, Execution of Non-custodial Sentences and Probation enhanced their knowledge on behavioural science perspective on unconscious processes in mediation. The training was organized on 29 June and the aim of the activity was to increase the...

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Project on Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Georgia Conducted its Needs Assessment Mission on Restorative Justice

21 April 2023

In order to widen the scope of the restorative justice legislation in line with international principles and standards and improve the stakeholders’ awareness of potential of restorative justice, project consultants conducted a needs assessment mission in Tbilisi on 18-21 April 2023. During the...

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Needs Assessment Activity Has Been Initiated to Identify Challenges of the Mediation System in Georgia and Improve its Effectiveness

4 April 2023

In order to improve effectiveness of the mediation system in Georgia, the Council of Europe Office conducted a needs assessment activity on 3rd and 4th of April 2023 with participation of international consultants in order to identify the needs in respect of both – court-annexed and private...

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Mediators Equipped with the Knowledge about Behavioural Science Aimed at Helping them to Resolve Disputes Better

27-28 February 2023

Twenty-three mediators enhanced their knowledge on unconscious processes in mediation through a training activity, organised on 27 and 28 February 2023 in Kakheti region. The aim of the training was to improve mediators’ ability to handle complex disputes and ultimately contribute to the quality...

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Promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Georgia – Official launching of the Council of Europe new project

14 December 2022

The new project of the Council of Europe launched on December 14, will improve the efficiency of the Georgian justice system. The alternative dispute resolution mechanism and restorative justice will contribute to swift and cost-effective resolution of disputes between individuals, which will...

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