Retour Sharing Finland's Experience on Restorative Justice

Sharing Finland's Experience on Restorative Justice

From September 14th to 15th, the Council of Europe organised a study visit for a delegation from Georgia to explore the Finnish approach to restorative justice. The primary objective of this visit was to acquaint Georgian authorities with Finland's restorative justice system and increase their professionalism in effectively handling victim-offender mediation.

The Georgian delegation comprised mediators, managers responsible for overseeing victim-offender mediation processes, and a representative from the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The delegation met with the Finnish authorities involved in the victim-offender mediation.

During the study visit, the delegation had the unique opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into the structure and operation of Finland's victim-offender mediation system. Participants were introduced to various forms of victim-offender mediation, including mediation for youth, mediation in local communities and schools, mediation in cases involving serious crimes. They received first-hand information about the roles of mediators and prosecutors in the mediation process, as well as the involvement of civil society and the subsequent restorative dialogue following serious offenses. The participants also visited a mediation office and observed the facilities where victim-offender mediation takes place.

The study visit was organised by the Council of Europe Project “Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Georgia.”

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