Stefano Rodotà Award : and the winners are …




For its first edition, the Stefano Rodotà Award goes to Ingrida Milkaite and Eva Lievens, for their project which investigates privacy and data protection from a children’s rights perspective.

Their thrilling project caught the Jury’s attention for its critical and forward-looking analysis of children’s rights to privacy and data protection in the digital era, investigating whether there is a need for a re-conceptualisation of those rights in the light of recent legal, technological and social developments. The holistic child rights-oriented approach of the project and the consideration of new emerging data processing practices (e.g. on the basis of artificial intelligence and machine-learning) convinced the Jury of the necessity of this research.

This transversal project is in perfect convergence with the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child (2016-2021), which focuses on children's rights on the Internet.

A special mention is granted to Jef Ausloos for his research on “The Right to Erasure – Safeguard for Informational Self-Determination in a Digital Society?”.

In this work, Jef Ausloos untangles the complex relationship between the fundamental right to data protection (Art. 8 Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU) and the GDPR, critically assesses how fair balancing operates within data protection law, and evaluates (the requirements and pitfalls of) effective data empowerment. The clarity and comprehensiveness makes it an important contribution to the field of data protection.

The winners will have the opportunity to present their projects at the next plenary session of the Committee of Convention 108, which will be held in Strasbourg on 13 and 14 June 2019.

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