Apply for the Stefano Rodotà Award! – 2nd Edition
Strasbourg 28 January 2020
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Read the article "Understanding the Big Mind. Does the GDPR Bridge the Human-Machine Intelligibility Gap?" by Camilla Tabarrini, the Winner of 2020 Stefano Rodotà award

The selected research was unveiled on Data Protection Day (28 January 2020) and the prize-winner will have the opportunity to present her work at the next Plenary session of the Committee of Convention 108 to be held in Strasbourg in July 1-3, 2020.

The 2019 Stefano Rodotà Award was attributed to Ingrida Milkaite and Eva Lievens, for their project focusing on privacy and data protection from a children’s rights perspective. A special mention was granted to Jef Ausloos for his research on “The Right to Erasure – Safeguard for Informational Self-Determination in a Digital Society?”.

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Read here the competition rules.