Technical information

The online tool saves what you type in the self-assessment and the learning development plan automatically.

The learning development form includes on the left side the titles of the list of functions of youth work and competences. If you click on a function, the list of competences related to that function opens.

On the right side you will find the form for setting up learning goals for each competence. The question mark symbol will lead you to a page where the competence is explained and where you will find information about the knowledge, skills and attitudes connected to that specific competence.

In the My Portfolio page, you find the buttons that give you access to:

  • the self-assessment form and the learning and development plan
  • printing in Pdf the self-assessment and the learning and development plan
  • help information
  • publishing the self-assessment and the learning development plan (this button only appears when the self-assessment and learning and development plan are finalised). You can at any moment unpublish the self-assessment and the learning and development plan.

How to fill in the learning and development plan

A learning and development plan (LDP) focuses on the competences you want to improve, develop, learn or acquire within a specific period of time after you have completed your self-assessment and which you identify for yourself as appropriate. In the self-assessment you will be asked if there is anything more about a competence that you would like to learn or develop.

The LDP helps you to organise your learning and development in youth work. It can help you put into practice the learning and development you have identified as necessary for improving your competence.

The self-assessment form automatically transfers those aspects you want to develop or learn more about that you have identified into the LDP. Once you have saved your self-assessment, you can go to the learning and development plan online form, and find them there.

The LDP asks you to identify ‘how’ you want to develop your competence further by asking you to choose from a list of learning opportunities. You can decide for yourself what you think is the most adapted approach or method for pursuing your learning and development need according to your own preferences.

Next, you will be asked to set up a timeframe for your learning and a moment when you would like to check your learning progress on that specific competence. You are the one to choose your timeframe. Try to make it realistic enough for doing both short personal and professional development activities, such as enrolling in a one-day refresher course or doing some reading on an important theme, and for more intensive and demanding activities, such as going back into education to gain a new qualification.

If you want to make notes for yourself about your learning and development plan, there is space for adding those in the form.

Once you have filled in your learning and development plan, it is possible to:

  • go back to it at any time and modify it.
  • publish it on the website. This means that your learning plan will be made visible for other users of the website. It is also possible to make it private again or replace it with a more recent version.
  • print it online or save it to your computer as Pdf.

The Council of Europe Youth Work Portfolio is a tool to help those doing youth work, primarily youth workers and youth leaders, but also managers and administrators, to assess and further develop their youth work competence and that of the people under their supervision.

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