Human rights training curriculum for initial and continuous training of judges and prosecutors

Izučavanje ljudskih prava na pravnim fakultetima u Bosni i Hercegovini (B/H/S)

Analysis of the legal framework governing the protection of the right to trial within a reasonable time

Regulatory agencies for media and protection of minors (B/H/S version)

Media regulatory agencies and hate speech (B/H/S version)

Regulation of political advertising: A comparative study with reflections on the situation in South-East Europe

ECtHR CJEU - Serbian version

Venice Commission and CM documents - Serbian version 

CCPE Opinions - Serbian version

CCJE Opinions - Serbian version


The European Convention on human rights

A living instrument


Handbook for training of trainers in the law enforcement agencies

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Handbook for prisoner management and enhancing human rights in closed environment

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Protocols for enhancing health care and human rights in closed environment

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Guidelines for dealing with persons deprived of liberty in closed environment

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Protocols for treatment of mentally challenged offenders in forensic facilities

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The individual application under the European Convention on Human Rights (2019)

An indispensable practical guide for any potential applicant and any legal professional

This book, which is a practical guide aimed at both professional lawyers and potential applicants, clearly and comprehensively describes and analyses the main stages in the processing of an application before the organs of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Detailed descriptions are provided of the Convention system, the Rules of the European Court of Human Rights and the procedures which the Court has developed to expedite and optimise case processing.

Crafted by two specialists on the Convention, Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos, the current President of the European Court of Human Rights, and Maria-Andriani Kostopoulou, a lawyer at the Greek Court of Cassation, the book does not merely explain how to prepare and lodge an application, in particular as regards the formal requirements and admissibility criteria; it also presents a detailed assessment of a case by the various formations of the Court, covering all stages right through to the conclusion of proceedings. Finally, having analysed the judicial stage, the book goes on to describe the procedure for supervision of the execution of judgments before the Committee of Ministers of the
Council of Europe.

Council of Europe Glossary on Gender Equality

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The publications and information materials on the Council of Europe standards and their implementation are very useful tools to monitor progress and compliance with benchmarks and standards in the area of gender equality.

Such publications include compilations of good practices, studies and information documents concerning the key areas of work of the Council of Europe in relation to gender equality: combating gender stereotypes and sexism, combating violence against women, ensuring women’s equal access to justice, achieving the balanced participation of women and men in decision-making and implementing a gender mainstreaming strategy. You can find them here. 

Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

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Council of Europe in brief

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