Dear visitors,

I wish to welcome you to the website of the Council of Europe Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

This website offers you information about the activities of our Office in BiH and links to relevant information, news and documents (conventions, reports, recommendations, etc.) of the Council of Europe. Although we will try to provide you with as many important documents as possible in the languages of BiH, the majority of them will still be available in the official languages of our organisation English and French.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a member state of our organisation since 2002 and is actively involved in all the aspects of the mission and work of the Council of Europe. Our Office in BiH contributes to this partnership, sometimes even by reminding of the obligations arising from membership, but always standing alongside Bosnia and Herzegovina, its authorities, institutions and citizens on the road towards European integration. All 47 member states of the Council of Europe together aspire to constantly improve the quality of our democracies, the value of our human rights and the strength of our rule of law, thus building a better, more fair and secure European society for us all. I therefore invite you to surf our new website in hope that you will discover an abundance of new and valuable information. Your feedback and suggestions will be more than welcome and will be used to further improve our website. I also hope that you will follow the activities of our Office on the social networks (Facebook and Twitter) .


Drahoslav Stefanek

Head of the Council of Europe Office in Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina 


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