The action “Strengthening the efficiency and quality of justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina” aims to support the justice system of Bosnia and Herzegovina in improving of its efficiency and quality in accordance with the standards and tools developed by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ).

This action is implemented within the joint programme of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye” running from 2023 until 2026.

What are the goals and objectives of the action?

  • to support authorities to fight and prevent corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • to support competent authorities in further strengthening the legal and institutional framework for the prevention of corruption and anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism
  • to improve the track-record of implementation of the mentioned institutional framework to improve preventive measures of conflict of interest and asset declaration, supervision and sanctioning, prevention of terrorist financing and application of targeted financial sanctions
  • to enforce provisional measures and confiscation of illicit assets

Who benefits from the action?

  • users of justice system
  • Ministry of Justice on state level, High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council
  • judicial training institutions, chief judges, chief prosecutors, court administrators, judges and prosecutors, courts

How does the action work?

  • by carrying out reviews and assessments
  • by providing proposals for legislative and administrative changes, guidance and capacity-building, with the aim of providing pathways to the authorities to ensure compliance with the European standards

In order to enhance the impact and sustainability of the action on the prevention of economic crime and fully meet the needs of the beneficiaries, it is complemented by another project implemented by the Council of Europe and funded through voluntary contribution.

What do we expect to achieve?

  • users of the justice system of Bosnia and Herzegovina benefit from an improved efficiency and quality of the justice system in accordance with CEPEJ tools and European standards

What is the budget of the action?

The total budget of the action is 658 000 EUR.

The budget allocated to the overall Horizontal Facility programme amounts to ca. 41 Million EUR (85% funded by the European Union, 15% by the Council of Europe).

How to get more information?

About Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye

The “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Türkiye” is a joint initiative of the European Union and the Council of Europe that enables the Western Balkans Beneficiaries and Türkiye to meet their reform agendas in the fields of human rights, rule of law and democracy and to comply with the European standards, which is also a priority for the EU enlargement process.