The Roma and Travellers Team strives to promote and protect the rights of Roma and Travellers in Council of Europe member states and to foster equal opportunities and social inclusion by fighting discrimination and anti-Gyspyism.

The Team works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and measures needed to ensure that Council of Europe standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit Roma and Travellers. The work of the Team is based on strategic orientations agreed by the Committee of Ministers and underlined in the Thematic Action Plan on the Inclusion of Roma and Travellers (2016-2019) focusing on the following three priorities, supported by a set of accompanying measures:

  • Tackling anti-Roma and anti-Traveller prejudice, discrimination and crimes (“anti-Gypsyism”);
  • Demonstrating innovative models for inclusive policies for the most vulnerable;
  • Promoting innovative models for local-level solutions;

Through standard-setting and implementation the Team supports member states in improving the living conditions of Roma and Traveller and the promotion and protection of their human rights, covering areas such as citizenship, housing, health care, social services, education and employment, access to justice, language, culture and history, and full participation in public life.

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