Statement by Timo Soini, President of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland

International Roma Day (8 April 2019)

8 April 2019 Strasbourg

“In Europe today, the treatment of Roma and Travellers remains a major human rights issue. Despite significant efforts from many governments in the member States of the Council of Europe, Roma communities continue to face discrimination, poverty and social exclusion. Access to fundamental rights...

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European states must demonstrate resolve for lasting and concrete change for Roma people

4 April 2019 Commissioner for Human Rights

“On 8 April, we will celebrate International Roma Day. This is a day to celebrate Roma culture and Roma contributions to European societies, and the cultural diversity of Europe. The 8th of April, which commemorates the first World Romani Congress held in London in April 1971, should also be a...

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“Be visible, be strong” : International Roma Women’s Conference in Helsinki

25 March 2019 Espoo (Finland)

In its seventh annual Roma Women's Conference, this year held in Finland, the Council of Europe stresses the importance of "mainstreaming" Roma and Traveller gender equality issues as part of its "Strategy for Gender Equality 2018-2023". The three-day conference, which brings together NGOs,...

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25-27 March 2019

7th International Roma Women’s Conference

13 March 2019 Espoo (Finland)

The Council of Europe contributes to the mainstreaming of Roma and Traveller gender equality issues within the Council of Europe Strategy for Gender Equality 2018-2023, promotes the empowerment of Roma and Traveller women in all spheres, addresses reproductive rights, domestic violence and early...

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day


At the ceremony on 23 January 2019 to mark the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (27 January), Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, underlined the importance of remembering the victims in order to prevent a repetition of the atrocities that claimed the lives six...

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Thematic report

Effective enrolment and attendance of Roma children throughout compulsory school education and the added value of vocational education for Roma youth

12/12/2018 Strasbourg, France

The Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (CAHROM) has made public its thematic report on the effective enrolment and attendance of Roma children throughout compulsory school education and the added value of vocational education for Roma youth following a thematic visit of a...

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Roma and Travellers Team with innovative “lab” at the 2018 World Forum for Democracy on Gender Equality

20/11/2018 Strasbourg (France)

On 20 November 2018, the Roma and Travellers Team organised a “lab” on Women’s diversity: What are the interests of women of ethnic minorities and who represents them? in the framework of the 2018 World Forum for Democracy “Gender Equality – whose battle?” (Strasbourg, 19-21 November 2018). The...

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6th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society

15-16/10/2018 Strasbourg (France)

The 6th Dialogue meeting took place on 15 – 16 October 2018 in Strasbourg and was timely chosen to provide the opportunity for Roma and Traveller civil society to assess the successes and challenges resulting from the implementation of the Thematic Action Plan on the Inclusion of Roma and...

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Inclusion of Roma youth through education, employment and political participation

26 September 2018 Brijuni, Croatia

The activities of the Congress in the field of inclusion of Roma youth were presented at an International Expert Seminar held in Brijuni, Croatia, on 26 September 2018. Speaking during the debate on "Policy initiatives at local, national and international levels to sustain Roma employability and...

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Council of Europe honours Roma victims of the Holocaust: “acknowledge the past and improve Roma rights today”

2 August 2018 Strasbourg, France

Today in Strasbourg, the Council of Europe held a commemorative wreath-laying ceremony in memory of Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust. This year marks the 74th anniversary of 2 August, 1944, when all remaining Roma of the so-called “Zigeunerlager” (Gypsy camp) – 2,897 men, women and...

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