8th Dialogue meeting - Call for Applications

12 August 2019 Strasbourg

Roma educational achievement has been historically poor across Europe. While considerable advances were made in the socialist period, the disadvantage of Roma children, manifest in every aspect of schooling, never disappeared and has only worsened over the last two decades. In addition,...

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Council of Europe honours Roma Holocaust victims

1 August 2019 Strasbourg

Seventy-five years ago, the remaining Roma of the so-called “Zigeunerlager” (Gypsy camp) – 2,897 men, women and children – were exterminated in the gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The liquidation of the camp on 2 August 1944 was a particularly dark chapter of the Roma Holocaust: an attempt by...

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International conference

IS “AUSCHWITZ ONLY SLEEPING”? Sinti and Roma Narratives after the Holocaust

31 July – 1 August, 2019 Krakow, Poland

“I’m afraid that Europe is forgetting its past and that Auschwitz is only sleeping. Antigypsyist threats, policies and actions worry me greatly and make me very sad.” Ceija Stojka, Roma Holocaust survivor (1933 – 2013) An international conference, entitled “’Is ‘Auschwitz only Sleeping?’ Sinti...

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Deadline extended until 1 October 2019!

2019 Dosta! Congress Prize deadline extended

11 June 2019 Strasbourg

The application for the 7th edition of the Dosta!-Congress Prize for Municipalities is open to municipalities/local authorities from Council of Europe member states who have run projects in 2017 and 2018 targeting Roma and/or Travellers, whether they be nationals or more recent migrants....

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Conference “Roma narratives of the Holocaust: Representation, Remembrance and Collective Memory”

1-2 August 2019 Krakow and Auschwitz (Poland)

An international conference “Roma narratives of the Holocaust: Representation, Remembrance and Collective Memory” will take place at the Pedagogical University of Krakow to commemorate the Warsaw Uprising and to pay respect to the 500,000 Sinti and Roma murdered in Nazi-occupied Europe during the...

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Council of Europe holds first ever international commemoration ceremony for victims of the 2018 series of hate crime attacks in Ukraine

24 June 2019 Odessa

"You can hear from my trembling voice, how close this moment is to my heart”, said moderator Olha Vesnyanka, when more than 100 police officers, human rights experts and police trainers gathered in the Odessa Centre for National Minorities upon the invitation of the Council of Europe. The...

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Regional conference for police officers on combating hate crimes against Roma held in Odessa

04 June 2019 Odessa

On 24-25 June, the Regional Conference "Anti-Roma Hate Crimes as a Challenge for the National Police Forces" took place in the premises of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs. The conference discussed issues of adequate police response to hate crimes in accordance with Council of...

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Better police training to deter anti-Roma hate crimes

24 June 2019 Strasbourg

A Council of Europe conference in Odessa (Ukraine) from 24-25 June brings together representatives from police forces of Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine to discuss hate crimes against Roma people in the three countries and how to better prevent such crimes. The two-day meeting will be held in the...

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Meeting in Toulouse

Working towards a recommendation on including Roma and Travellers’ history in school curricula

6 June 2019 Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (CAHROM) Strasbourg

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Experts on Roma and Traveller Issues (CAHROM) will be working towards one of the priorities of the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers at its meeting from 11 to 14 June in Toulouse. High on its agenda will be a draft recommendation on the inclusion...

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6th Meeting of the Operational Platform for Roma Equality (“OPRE”)

17 May 2019 Strasbourg

Representatives from equality bodies, human rights institutions met in Bratislava to discuss the rights to quality and inclusive of Roma and Traveller children in the Council of Europe member states The 6th Meeting of the Operational Platform for Roma Equality[1] (“OPRE”) held in Bratislava, 14-...

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