The 10th meeting of the Council of Europe Dialogue with Roma and Traveller civil society (26-27 November 2020) focused on combating hate speech directed against Roma and Travellers

The meeting took stock of the characteristics and prevalence of hate speech faced by Roma and Traveller communities and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in this context. Participants were also invited to present and discuss different civil society and member state measures and good practices in combating hate speech.

The meeting:

  • brought together different Roma and Traveller civil society organisations and international organisations concerned by the increasing prevalence of hate speech;
  • developed co-operation between these organisations to combat this phenomenon;
  • took stock of the definition and prevalence of hate speech against Roma and Travellers, with special focus on its characteristics in different member states;
  • provided an overview of relevant international legal and normative instruments and case-law on hate speech at European level;
  • highlighted the main provisions relevant to Roma and Travellers in the media, and authorities that have specific roles and responsibilities concerning the regulation of hate speech;
  • developed counter narratives in the public space in both traditional and new media;
  • identified possible gaps in national legislation, policy and practice concerning support services for Roma and Traveller victims of hate speech;
  • countered hate speech through sharing good institutional practices and exemplary civil society initiatives from different member states.
  • increased knowledge of the prevalence of hate speech directed against Roma and Travellers;
  • increased understanding of the role of Roma and Traveller civil society and the tools available to actively contribute to the work of combating hate speech;
  • increased awareness of Council of Europe instruments, tools and activities to combat hate speech.