Back President of the Committee of Ministers and Secretary General visited Ukraine 

President of the Committee of Ministers and Secretary General visited Ukraine 

President of the Committee of Ministers Dominique Hasler and Secretary General Marija Pejčinović Burić have inaugurated the Kyiv office of the Register of Damage Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, during a working visit to the country. 

"The Liechtenstein Presidency has made it a priority to implement the support measures for Ukraine agreed by the Heads of State and Government in Reykijavik last year. The Committee of Ministers remains committed to supporting Ukraine in fighting for freedom and justice and to holding the Russian Federation to account for the crime it is committing in Ukraine", highlighted Dominique Hasler, President of the Committee of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport of Liechtenstein.

The establishment of the Register of Damage by the Council of Europe is a significant international effort to build a first and necessary step towards a compensation mechanism that will address the consequences of the full-scale Russian aggression on Ukraine and its people. 

“To ensure that the Register works effectively, it has always been crystal clear that we need this office, here in Kyiv. It is in Ukraine that these crimes are being committed, and the damage is being inflicted. And it is in Ukraine that there must be a proactive presence in the process of collecting evidence”, declared Secretary General Pejčinović Burić. 

During their official visit to Ukraine, the President of the Committee of Ministers and the Secretary General met with President Zelenskyy, together with the Foreign and Justice Ministers, as well as with other key personalities. 

During their meeting with President Zelenskyy, the discussion focused on the Council of Europe ongoing efforts to ensure accountability for the crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine and for illegally deporting or forcibly transferring children of Ukraine to Russia. 

Meetings with Speaker Stefanchuk and members of the Ukraine delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly, Deputy Prime Minister Stefanishyna, First Lady Olena Zelenska and Ombudsmen Lubinets, Prosecutor General Kostin, Deputy Justice Minister Mudra, as well as with Mariupol Mayor Boychenko, were also held. 

A visit to the city of Bucha to witness the consequences of Russian aggression and pay tribute to the victims was also part of the programme.

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Council of Europe Strasbourg 23 March 2024
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