Back More women in politics, a shared battle

More women in politics, a shared battle

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2024, 8 March, Congress Thematic Spokesperson on Gender Equality Eirini Dourou (Greece, SOC/G/PD) has made the following statement:

“On this year’s International Women’s Day, we echo the words of the Reykjavik Principles for Democracy and call for full, equal and meaningful participation in political and public life for all, in particular for women and girls. We cannot “inspire inclusion” if women and girls are not fully represented in our democratic institutions. This is a shared battle to be embraced by all.

“As local and regional authorities, we have a key role to play in accelerating women’s political careers. Helping them to develop their capacities and bolster their representation and visibility at regional and national level is a sure way to see their numbers increase in our parliaments and governments. 

“Young women in particular should be given the opportunity and the support to stand for local office, as they are still the least represented amongst political leadership. As locally and regionally elected representatives having paved the way, we should now stand with young women, mentor them and encourage them to take up the space they deserve.

“We all need to do better in order to ensure that higher rates of women in local politics do not need to be specially celebrated in the future, but rather become part of the norm.”

In 2020, the Congress adopted a report on “Fighting sexist violence against women in politics at local and regional level” and developed a guide on preventing and combatting sexism at local level in Ukraine, which has since been adapted to offer guidance for women and men in local politics in Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Kosovo*. International Women's Day 2024 campaign theme is 'Inspire Inclusion'

 Council of Europe adopts Gender Equality Strategy for 2024-2029

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congress of local and regional authorities strasbourg 7 March 2024
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