Back Managing Covid-19 - what role does democratic governance play?

Managing Covid-19 - what role does democratic governance play?

Measures taken by Council of Europe member States in response to the situation in the Spring and Summer of 2020 are the subject of a special report of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance.

Democratic governance is the participation in decision-making of those who are affected by a decision, and a State acting responsibly and responding effectively to citizens’ demands.

Strong and effective governance is clearly essential when it comes to preventing, identifying and managing emergencies, including pandemics. The report concludes that good governance requires resilience, flexibility, capacity and coordination to ensure that key services continue come what may, whilst managing infection rates and responding to new issues that may arise.

Moreover, the response must be compatible with the fundamental values of democracy, human rights and rule of law that all member States sign up to when joining the Organisation.

As this unprecedented crisis continues, the broadest possible experience will be gathered and the report updated.

 Read the report and contributions from member states 

 Read more about the many other initiatives taken by the Council of Europe to draw attention to the challenges posed to human rights, inclusion, non-discrimination and social cohesion by the health crisis and its consequences 

European Committee on Democracy and Governance Strasbourg 17 December 2020
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