Back Congress President addresses European Mayors Summit against Antisemitism

Congress President addresses European Mayors Summit against Antisemitism

The Summit brought together mayors and local officials from across Europe on 30 November 2023 in Dortmund (Germany). The local leaders discussed how to build social cohesion, strengthen Jewish life at local level and establish understanding between citizens of different cultural and religious backgrounds in European cities

The President addressed the Summit, highlighting the role of the Congress in promoting social cohesion, tolerance and democratic values in cities and regions in all Council of Europe member States. Explaining that life in Europe’s cities and regions is increasingly affected by international events, the President also pointed out that local authorities are the first to feel the impacts of this “it is us, our police forces, our social workers and our teachers who deal with the real-life situations that result from polarising political discourse and hate speech.”

The President warned of an unacceptable rise in antisemitic violence, as well as in xenophobic hatred and highlighted the common responsibility of local authorities to build strong, resilient communities without hate and intolerance.

“As the bridge between local communities and governments, we are uniquely well-placed to fight prejudice and foster dialogue and a sense of trust among the different groups which make up our cities.”, he concluded, underlining that such trust is essential in strengthening democracy and can only be achieved when all groups feel free and safe to participate in public life.

Congress Dortmund (Germany) 5 December 2023
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