Back “There will be no peace without justice” – H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois tells PACE

“There will be no peace without justice” – H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois tells PACE

“Aggressive power politics must not prevail. Those challenging our common commitment to the rules base international order must be held to account,” was the message at the heart of His Serene Highness Hereditary Prince Alois von und zu Liechtenstein’s address to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Prince Alois welcomed the setting up of a Register of Damage, as an important first step taken by the Council of Europe towards ensuring accountability for the Russian aggression against Ukraine. He said it was of critical importance that the crime of aggression be investigated and prosecuted, and that all those responsible be held accountable.

He pointed to aggressive power politics, anti-democratic tendencies, growing nationalism, and disregard for the rule of law and the rules-based international order as significant threats that historically have led to destruction and human suffering. The Prince cited the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine as an example of the challenge to the core values of the Council of Europe - human rights, democracy and the rule of law - posed by such threats, and unconditional respect for the rules-based international order as an indispensable and essential condition for our security.

Underlining the critical role in upholding peace and stability played by effective and inclusive multilateral cooperation within organisations such as the Council of Europe, Prince Alois warned of an apparent trend in the opposite direction, to alternative fora dominated by large powers, and the consequent underrepresentation of small states’ perspectives.

Geographically a small State, Liechtenstein relies on the effective functioning of the international rules-based order. However, Prince Alois asserted that small states make up the majority of the international community and specifically bring important perspectives to the table, particularly in multilateral fora, where they can have an impact that is out of proportion to their geographical size.

Prince Alois said that Liechtenstein's accession to the Council of Europe in 1978 gave it a seat at the table and the opportunity to actively contribute to the protection of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in all of Europe, further securing the country’s sovereignty and international recognition as an independent state.

During his visit to Strasbourg, Prince Alois met with the PACE President Theodoros Rousopoulos, Council of Europe Secretary General, Marija Pejčinović Burić, and the President of the European Court of Human Rights, Síofra O’Leary.

Liechtenstein holds the six-month Presidency of the Committee of Ministers from November 2023 until May 2024.

Hereditary Prince Alois is the eldest son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie and next in line to succeed to the throne. Since August 15, 2004, he has performed the duties of Head of State of the Principality of Liechtenstein as his father's deputy.

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 Speech of H.S.H. Hereditary Prince Alois

Parliamentary Assembly session Strasbourg 18 April 2024
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