Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Open Council of Europe Academic Networks (OCEAN)!

This online form is designed for accredited, degree granting institutions of higher education, research institutes, think tanks, existing national and European networks and individual academics.

Please read the information and instructions below carefully, as failure to correctly fill in the application will result in delays in processing or rejection.

 Membership is open to:

  • Accredited degree granting institutions of higher education 
  • University research institutes, schools and faculties (e.g. law faculties…)
  • Independent Research institutions 
  • National and European academic networks 
  • Individual academics 

Requirements during your OCEAN membership

OCEAN members choose at the beginning of their membership one or several Council of Europe conventions they are interested in. They are expected to engage in education, research, and other academic activities that promote these self-chosen conventions.

In particular, institutional members (universities, research institutions, also existing networks) are required to organise and carry out one academic activity per year (workshop, conference, summer or winter school…). Invididual members are required to either engage in one of the above activities (as organiser or speaker) or conduct research or publish (e.g. an article or a book) on the self-chosen Council of Europe convention.