Networking, capacity building and peer learning among youth workers, youth policy makers and organisations active in the youth field.

The Meta-University is a new initiative created with the purpose to keep working on youth cooperation and youth participation in these critical circumstances, while exploring the possibilities of digital youth work.

Four days of programme offers you a chance to : 

build your capacities through ten workshops led by partner organisations;

contribute to the development of the global youth agenda by following the plenary sessions;

connect with peers and practice intercultural dialogue by joining informal gatherings such as online coffee-breaks and dynamic group chats;

network with organisations, present projects and opportunities, build new partnership in the “Expo Area”;

lead of the event by opening a new rooms to follow-up ideas and proposals, to deepen a conversation or to address issues not yet covered.


The Meta-University allows different levels of engagement and involves a variety of partners (grassroots initiatives, institutional organisations, national bodies and international networks) covering diverse regions of the world. 


19-22 October 2021 19-22 October 2021

Registration is closed. Plenary sessions (2.30-4.00pm WEST time) are broadcasted live on our Facebook page. 


Call for Participants and Programme 


The Meta-University will take place in English language primarily. Interpretation in French/Arabic will be provided for the Joint sessions and the Final plenary. Two Partner Activities are held in Arabic language (see description of activities).

2020 edition - 4-5 november 2020 edition - 4-5 november

To find out how the 2020 edition was, we invite you to explore : 


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