At the Council of Europe, we are looking for talented professionals, from diverse backgrounds, who share our vision and values. In order to be successful here, you will need to be comfortable working in a truly multi-cultural environment, and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Are you ready for the challenge?

In our vacancy notices you will find a list of the specific criteria required for each role, including eligibility requirements, essential competencies and desirable competencies.

General Eligibility Requirements

As an international organisation, we have certain restrictions on who we can employ. In order to be eligible to work at the Council of Europe, you must typically fulfil the following requirements:

  • Nationality: In order to work at the Council of Europe, you must be a national of one of our 46 member States.
  • Age: You must be aged below the compulsory retirement age of 65 to apply.
  • Languages: The CoE has two official languages, French and English. We generally require excellent knowledge of one of these languages, plus good knowledge of the other (although exact requirements will vary according to the role). Other European languages may be required in certain cases, or be an advantage.

Specific Requirements

Depending on the nature of the job, there will be specific criteria you will need to meet in order to be shortlisted or selected. These include:

Competencies and core values: The core values and competencies of our staff lie at the heart of our human resources policy. Our Competency Framework and Core Values identify and describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviour which we need to successfully fulfil our mission and we therefore base our recruitment procedures around this. Essential competencies define the competencies that are indispensable for the role, while desirable competencies define those attributes that would help to be successful, but are not essential. Refer to the vacancy notice for a more precise list of the competencies required for each specific role.

Experience and Qualifications: Given the varying types of jobs we offer, other requirements (such as professional experience, qualifications, linguistic and IT skills) differ according to each job and can therefore be found in more detail in the specific vacancy announcements.

Requirements by staff category