Looking for short-term work? When we have short term needs we employ temporary staff to cover staff absences, periods of increased workload or to support specific projects. Monthly or daily temporary contracts can last from a few days up to a maximum of 9 months in any calendar year, and can be an excellent way to gain experience or new skills. This type of contract cannot, however, lead to longer term employment which is accessed through a separate recruitment process.

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What we look for in our temporary staff

We're looking for highly motivated individuals who can quickly slot in to our existing structure and immediately operate at a high level on the job. Our aim is to recruit the best people for each job, so please make sure that you meet the requirements and that you only apply for the profile you are suited for!

Essential prerequisites are:

  • nationality of one of the Council of Europe's member states;
  • very good knowledge of one of the Council of Europe's official languages (English and French) and good knowledge of the other;
  • specific qualifications and experience for the profile sought.

Speculative Applications

Our vacancy notice for speculative applications is open on an ongoing basis for the key profiles we regularly seek for temporary vacancies. These are at 3 levels and cover the following types of work:

Programme/Project Officers and lawyers

Programme/project or legal temporary staff ensure professional expertise and assistance to programmes, projects and/or activities in a number of technical or work fields (for example programme/project coordination, finance, legal affairs, ICT, communication, scientific assistance).

Secretarial/Administrative Support Assistants

Administrative support assistants provide clerical and organisational support to a supervisor, work unit, team, programme or project in a variety of technical or work fields (such as programme/project support, administration, accounting, IT/web, archiving/documentation, proof reading, and scientific work).

Technical Services Personnel

Technical Services Personnel perform various duties related to technical or logistical services (such as reception and security duties; mail and document distribution; chauffeur duties; technical or maintenance work, etc).

Specific vacancies

We may also advertise for specific profiles when necessary. Details on these are given in individual vacancy notices when they appear.

What we offer

In return, we offer our temporary staff tax-free salaries, good holiday allowance and other benefits. See the specific employment conditions for temporary staff and the general conditions of employment for information on salaries.

How to Apply

To apply for temporary employment opportunities you must use the on-line application system. Under ‘current temporary vacancies', you can consult the profiles we are looking for now or complete the general speculative application form. If you have the right experience and qualifications, click on the "Apply" button next to the one that interests you. You will then have to fill in an on-line application and submit it before the deadline (midnight French time).

Follow up

Your online form will be stored in our database to be examined for the job applied for. In the case of speculative applications, your form may be consulted if a temporary vacancy for your profile becomes available. Note that your application will only stay active in the system if you log on to your account every three months. You can update your form with any new professional or personal information (or withdraw it) at any time before the closing date.

Important: It is important to keep the information on your form up to date and particularly for speculative applications, to log on every three months in order to have the best chance of being selected and to avoid your online form being archived after that period.

Tips for applying:

  • check if you meet all the requirements of the profile you would like to apply for (competencies required, education, professional experience, languages);
  • check if you have all the documents and certificates to demonstrate your education, professional experiences, etc. This will help you to input all the relevant details in your application, e.g. dates of previous employment, name of educational establishment, etc;
  • try to be ‘short and to the point', particularly in the motivation section of the application, but make sure you include all appropriate information;
  • think about three persons for us to contact to give you a reference if your application is taken further (e.g. previous employer, supervisor, etc.); make sure you have all the necessary contact details and that you ask or inform them in advance.