What do you do?

I’m Head of the Treasury and Revenue Section in the Directorate of Programme, Finance and Linguistic Services.

I came from the private sector and was rapidly given a position of responsibility. I’m in charge of managing the Organisation’s funds and revenue and am in close contact with the Permanent Representations of member states and also with banks working with the Council of Europe. Our Division prepares financial statements in compliance with IPSAS standards and is also responsible for payments and general accountancy.

Tell me about your education and work experience?

I was born in Frankfurt and I studied finance in Germany and France. I started my career in an investment bank in Paris and then had the chance to settle in Hong Kong for 5 years. This experience gave me the opportunity to become familiar with one of the most important financial centres in the world from the inside. I also discovered a whole culture with a very different lifestyle and working methods.

What do you like about your work at the Council of Europe?

My job allows me to deal with a wide variety of aspects of finance and accounting. I also very much like the international dimension. Our everyday exchanges with external offices, particularly in Eastern Europe, are very rewarding. I’ve always been interested in languages and history so I like working in a multicultural environment and having the opportunity to understand more about today’s geopolitical contexts. With my expertise in the field of finance, I hope to be able to contribute to the Council’s objectives.

What do you think of Strasbourg?

I like living in Strasbourg. With its many traditions, and history, and a city centre that is well-known throughout the world, it is at the crossroads of European cultures. Strasbourg is a green city that is pleasant to live in. There are several excellent schools, so children often grow up talking two or even three languages. Being so close to Germany and Switzerland means that there is the possibility to enjoy the outdoors as well as plenty of cultural entertainment for all tastes.

Why did you apply to the Council of Europe?

Working at the Council of Europe means working in the spirit of European humanist values and meeting colleagues and partners from all sorts of backgrounds. The Council of Europe is always on the look-out for candidates with varied backgrounds who are interested in the European public good. Working in a Council of Europe team allows you to acquire more skills and to develop your career either in-house or elsewhere.