Job Family: Management


Senior Management

Defining activities:

  • Contributes to the development and implementation of the Council of Europe's strategic priorities and policies and of its major objectives.
  • Manages the activities and resources of a Directorate or Directorate General.
  • Provides leadership and direction to staff.
  • Communicates and represents the Council of Europe on matters concerning the Directorate or Directorate General.
  • May advise and report to the Secretary General, the Executive Board and, where appropriate, to the Ministers' Deputies and the Parliamentary Assembly.

Professional requirements:

  • Extensive experience in managing human and financial resources at a senior level.
  • Profound insight in the fields of activity of own Directorate or Directorate General.


Middle Management

Defining activities:

  • Manages activities and resources of a Division or Department.
  • Manages and coaches staff
  • Advises senior management and reports on the results achieved, on further requirements, risks and opportunities of developments or events.
  • Communicate and represents the Council of Europe in matters concerning the Division or Department.

Professional requirements:

  • Experience in managing teams and budgets.
  • Experience in the areas covered by the Division or Department.

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